Sava Jojic

Once upon a time in the eighteen hundreds as our ancestor, Master Mitar Jojic, would after a day of hard labor in the field, sit and sip wine from the grapes in his own vineyards - Seleush and Grabovac - on the top of Fruska Gora Mountain, little could he imagine what a family wine saga thenceforth would ensue ...

The years would flow just like smooth wine glides through the bottleneck. Many tons of grapes were hand-picked; many wooden barrels filled up and emptied. New generations came along and chose their differing life paths. Master Mitar’s son Djoka emanated into a wealthy landowner, to include huge estates as far as Moldova. The son Joca, charming vagabond, attended to his career of a professional gambler along the Italian coast. The prettiest postcards from Genoa and Fiume were delivered to his family, whenever would he emerge the least best at the games. Finally, the third son Todor, a wise and farsighted man, married Persida Cekic, with a sizeable dowry – the Memijevo vineyard; the precise venue where the Portuguiser grape variety is grown today. At the sunset of his life, in 1926 Master Todor, along with other notables of the area, established the renowned Irig Wine Cooperative. A logical and wise business act on his behalf relative to the capital accumulation at the time; however, an immeasurably valuable contribution to the family wine history in consequence. Mita`s grandson, Todor`s son was named Sava; a close friend of a bottle! He took the “practice makes perfect” to another level honing his “trade”. On the other hand, he was not much of a gambler, in balance.

So, time has gone by. Every generation of Jojic family has left its trace – most of them were hard workers and efficient producers. Some would take a piece of family land as dowry or a gambler’s debt…still, the wine nerve has persevered. Modern generations skillfully combine the ancestors` heritage with contemporary oenology methods, producing wines with features specific and exclusive to the Fruska Gora region. An added quality to our technologically controlled wines is an abundance of family tales, bristling with life symbolism and experience. Bringing out the best for your bliss!


Winery Tomcat's wine cellar

Zanatski centar bb, Irig



General Manager

Sava Jojić



Executive Manager

mr Đurđica Jojić Novaković