Sep 03

"Obraše se vinogradi..." i ranije nego što smo mislili!
Ove godine grožđe je sazrelo neočekivano rano i ne može "dočekati" berbu najavljenu za 08.09.
Berba je već pri kraju, radimo punom parom i pitamo se - kakvo li će tek biti vino od portugizera kad je grožđe tako brzo sazrelo!  Imaćete priliku da isprobate već 15. novembra, jer "Dan mladog portugizera" se bliži!

Jun 30

Old poem says "Oh harvest, I long for you, is there anything better in this world?!" Experience adventure and beauty of grape picking, with real domestic cuisine and "tamburaši" folk band music!


Detailed description of the tour:

Departure is at 9:00 am from Irig, wine cellar Mačkov podrum.

We take a ride in in tractor trails, by earth road, towards the vineyard, domaine Budakovac, which is situated on south slopes of Fruška gora mountain, where, among other varieties, we have planted also grapes of famous Portugieser variety.

Upon coming to the vineyard, everybody gets scissors and short instructions on how to do grape picking, and - harvest can start!

After an hour we make a break for a real vineyard's breakfast! In a beautiful ambience of vineyards, we bake on open fire some bacon, sausages and other Srem specialties. Who wishes can do it on his own, otherwise there is kind staff of Mačkov podrum winery to assist.

Afterwards we continue the harvest, compete and announce winners.

What follows is real domestic Srem feast with inevitable "tamburasi" band, just like the famous poet described in his poem.

We leave the vineyards towards the winery Mačkov podrum at app. 16:00.


Activities that are part of this tour:

  • harvest / grape picking
  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • ride in tractor trails on earth road from the winery to the vineyards and from the vineyards back to the winery
  • competition in grape picking

What is included in the price:

  • Transportation as stated in the programme
  • Equipment for grape picking i.e. scissors (that are to be returned)
  • Vineyard's breakfast
  • Vineyard's lunch
  • Certain amount of picked grapes
  • 1 bottle of 0.75 lit of wine from Mačkov podrum

What is NOT included in the price:

  • Transportation to and from the winery
  • Individual costs

Remarks regarding clothes

It is desirable to wear adequate clothes and shoes: it is the best to wear sneakers and cotton socks, so that you can protect the feet from grass, dust etc. Bring hat or cap to protect yourself from sun. If you are sensitive to the sun, bring also sunglasses and a cream with protective factor. It is desirable to wear comfortable clothes with short sleeves.

Remarks regarding children

The tour comprises activities suitable for children of age 7 or more (they should know how to use scissors and to be able to spend the whole day outdoor). Discount for children is from 7-10 years old.


How to book your place?

  • By following the link:
  • By telephone +381-63-554-173
  • By e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Advanced payment of 30% of the total amount, the rest of the amount needs to be paid not later than on the day of event, before the departure.

Price of the whole tour is: 3,000 din. per person

Promotional period

Discounted price for bookings by 31st July 2018:                          2,000 din. per person

Discounted price for bookings 1st August – 20th August 2018:     2,500 din. per person

Discounted price for children up to 10 years old:                           1,000 din. per person

Discounted price for groups of 10 persons or more:                      2,500 din. per person


Conditions of cancellation

Full refund for cancelling not later than 3 days prior the tour starts. 50% refund for cancelling 1 day before the tour starts. No refund for cancelling later than 1 day prior the tour starts, or in case of non-arrival.


Jun 17

We tried to bring you the ambience of our Wine Cottage with these photos, which is the place where we wlcome our dear guests, and which definetely looks differently when it is full with our wine lovers, positive energy and joy. You can see photos in our Gallery.

Besides, come to us and see it on your own :-)

At our place you can taste wines and enjoy in Srem’s local specialties... Working hours are every day from 7am to 7pm, and details of our offer you can find on our page Wine tourism.

Jun 12

It’s been 15 years already that citizens of Novi Sad have a chance to enjoy in the largest outdoor wine festival, and Mačkov podrum off course represents its first team, in our old poistion, this year, too – the first row and the first place from the direction from streets Zmaj Jovina and Modene.

You are awaited by the first-class chardonnay, star of last year’s harvest – gewurztraminer, enchanting „Frajla“, vagabond portugizer, royal merlot, exclusive Camerlot, and for fans of sweets there will be also our special bermet „Diškrecija“.

All details about the event, wineries, musical and accompanying programme are available at organiser’s website:

See you from 14th to 16th June, at the square by Miletić!

May 09

I pored iskrene želje da budemo skromni, kako da se ne pohvalimo?!
Mačkov događaj VINOGRADARSKI RUČAK („Doživi berbu na Fruškoj Gori“) prepoznat kao jedan od najboljih u Srbiji, u kategoriji „Vinski centri i podrumi, točionice rakija i festivali“, po mišljenju organizatora – emisije "Srbija koju volim" i Ministarstva trgovine, turizma i telekomunikacija, TO Srbije, TO Vojvodine, TO Beograda, Visoke turističke škole strukovnih studija iz Beograda, PMF Univerziteta u Novom Sadu – Departmana za geografiju, turizam i hotelijerstvo, Fakulteta za hotelijerstvo i turizam iz Vrnjačke banje (Univerzitet u Kragujevcu), Poslovnim udruženjem hotelsko ugostiteljske privrede Srbije (HORES), Nacionalnom asocijacijom turističkih agencija (JUTA).
Velika nam je čast i zadovoljstvo, a nadamo se da će i naši budući gosti sa najpozitivnijim impresijama napuštati naše vinograde i rado se vraćati u iste!
Vaše mesto u predstojećoj ovogodišnjoj berbi  možete već sada da rezevišete, putem sledećeg linka:

Mar 30

Winery Tomcat's wine cellar

Zanatski centar bb, Irig



General Manager

Sava Jojić



Executive Manager

mr Đurđica Jojić Novaković